As a pediatrician, working parent and author of The Best Baby Sleep Book, I appreciate the need for a good night sleep for the well being of a child, and a family as a whole.  Having an infant that keeps the family awake places a unnecessary strain on the family and on the wonderful experience that is parenthood.

I offer a comprehensive sleep consultation in your home that only a pediatrician can provide.

While a sleep consultant can guide you with basic principles of sleep training, they cannot differentiate between milk allergy, reflux, colic, failure to gain weight, inappropriate bedtime routine, and developmental disorders.  As a sleep consultant and a Board Certified Pediatrician, I provide not only sleep training guidance, but developmental assessments, nutritional assessments, and treatment of medical issues that can interfere with sleep training. 

My personal, proven approach will provide a detailed sleep assessment and an individualized plan to assist your infant and child to sleep through the night. 

Sleep Consultations can be scheduled for office visits or in-home sleep consultations.