“Thank you so much Dr. Kulich for taking such great care of Julez.”

                 -Solange Knowles

"Dr. Kulich is a dream find for our family.  As a working Mother of a teenager and a toddler his expertise as a physician and first hand experience as a dedicated Father only add to the perk that he comes to care for your kids in the comfort of your environments.  He is cool, calm, and great at supporting parents with the well being of their growing babies." 

        -Tracy Anderson

"Thank you so much!!! You make being a mom of 4 a little less stressful.

       -Amber Sabathia

"It was a major asset having Dr. Kulich as our children's pediatrician when living in a busy City like New York and having such a busy schedule. His manner with the children set both them and I at ease and his prompt response and ability to make himself available when he was needed was a great benefit. Having a pediatrician that comes to your home is definitely the way to go."

       - Tyson & Kimberly Chandler

“Dr Kulich’s Pediatric practice and sleep training service has taken New York by storm, and many of Manhattan’s elite depend on him not only for the first in care for their children, but to finally get that good nights sleep they deserve.” 

        -Jill Zarin, author and star of The Real Housewives of New York


Dr Kulich’s service provides “sky high satisfaction” for patients.   

         -Wall Street Journal


I found Dr. Kulich's name online after two days of nursing my 4-year-old daughter for what I believed to be a stomach bug. He made it our home in Brooklyn very quickly within five minutes of examining her, informed me that he wanted to get her to the hospital and that he would not be surprised to learn she had a ruptured appendix. This was obviously a dire circumstance and since I was alone and without a car, he even gave us a ride and came in to provide his diagnosis and insure we  did not waste time waiting. Since her only symptom has been vomiting, it then took the hospital an additional 5 hours to confirm his suspicion! He was truly a hero for my daughter that day and we will never hesitate to contact him again or provide his name to others.


     -Michael Shannon and Kate Arrington

I first met Dr. Kulich when my older son was barely seven months old and our regular pediatrician did not have flu vaccines available in his practice. I was so impressed with Dr. Kulich that by the time my son turned one, we had switched to using Dr. Kulich as our primary (and sole) pediatrician. I simply cannot describe the convenience and comfort of having your sick children examined in the comfort of their familiar surroundings! Dr. Kulich is wonderful--he deeply cares about children, follows up after every visit with a text or a phone call, answers all of my questions, and works around my children's schedules. He has saved us from multiple trips to the ER; one time, my toddler had an asthma attack on Thanksgiving night, and Dr. Kulich was at our place less than 30 minutes after I had called him. The one time we did have to go to the ER (my son had injured his leg and required XRays), Dr. Kulich literally got to the ER at the same time as we did! He is an amazing resource and my children actually look forward to his visits and the signature balloon dogs they will be getting at the end. 

Margarit Ordukanyan



“A miracle had happened. I couldn’t believe it. I was finally getting a very much deserved full night’s sleep. I believe in Dr. Kulich’ wholeheartedly; to me he’s like the baby whisperer.”

    -Helena Milic, featured mom on Pregnant In Heels.


“Dr. Kulich is one of the kindest, most attentive and caring doctors we have ever met.”  

        -Doryn Wallach, Designer

“I wish I had this book when my kids were young. It would have saved my wife and I many sleepless nights.”  

        -Dr Ronald Primas MD,  Doctor to the Stars


“Dr. Kulich has cared for our son with the highest possible degree of skill and compassion, steering us through medical issues both simple and complex.  His medical advice is definitive and scholarly, but at the same time he is young, vibrant and uniquely in touch with the realities of being a parent in this day and age.” 

        -David L. Scher, Esq. Block O'Toole & Murphy



Our sweet boy 19-month old had a fever that started on Christmas Eve after an evening of out-of-ordinary crankiness. He kept spiking to 103.5, even 104. We called our regular pediatrician, but because it was Christmas eve, the office was closed. Our son continued to feel very sick, not sleeping, not eating, and crying in pain. His fever continued to get very high. We cancelled our Christmas plans to see family and stayed in to care for our sick son.
On day 3, after 2 days of consistent ibuprofen, he woke again with a 104 degree fever. Tired and scared, we found Dr. Kulich's name on-line. On the Sunday after Christmas, with the beginnings of a blizzard outside, Dr. Kulich came to our home less than 30 minutes after our call was made to him. He was gentle, caring and patient, and within 20 minutes diagnosed our son with Strep Throat. He gave him antibiotics on the spot, and our boy was visibly better before the Doctor left our home.
Thank you, Dr. Kulich. You took wonderful care of our family, and we will happily pass your name onto our friends.
Nicole & Ian Kahn

Hi Dr. Kulich,
Just wanted to thank you again for the prompts and thorough care that you provided for my son Shaylem. You really gave us so much peace of mind. He is much improved since you saw him and we are so so grateful to have found you. Will be using you again when the need arises, and have already recommended you to several friends and relatives. 
best wishes,
Liz L.

Our son had fallen ill on a Saturday evening and having only been in NYC for 7 months from Australia with no real knowledge of both medical or doctor experience here, we decided to search the interent rather for a doctor rather than sit in emergency for hours on end. Our search certainly paid off and finding a doctor that makes housecalls is just unheard of in Australia. Dr Kulich's house calls were not only a blessing he made the whole process seem so simple with an excellent bedside manner and short waiting time considering it was a Saturday evening. He had medication on hand and our son didnt have to go through a sleepless night due to his ear infection. Thank you Dr Kulich we will be using you again should we need to. 

Teresa(originally posted on Vitals.com)

Dr. Kulich,

I just wanted to thank you again for providing such excellent care to ---- and ----- on Monday.  I really appreciate your coming to our apartment on such short notice, and I should also tell you that ----- has been talking about your visit nonstop since you left!

Of course, I hope that everyone in our house will remain perpetually healthy from now on, but it’s very comforting to know that we can call on you if they don’t. J

All best,




“Dr. Kulich helped us put together a successful program to get the baby out of our bed and into his own. We could not have done it without his help.”

        -Matthew Birnbaum


Dear Dr. Kulich,

Although our daughter was ill, it was a relieving pleasure to have her examined by a doctor who was thoroughly kind, professional, attentive, knowledgeable, gentle, stocked with medicine AND who makes house calls. We were most impressed by the care you took in the extensive exam of our daughter in he comfort of her bedroom, your patience with her and with us, and your punctual arrival and follow-ups on phone and via email. 
Thanks for being the M.D. super hero who appears at night to treat our daughter and quell our fears. 


Sean, Andrea, and Fiona


I recently had a baby girl. She is 3 months old today, but a tiny peanut at 9.5 lbs. After a week of my 3 year old being sick, and then of course me catching it, I came home from a family BBQ Saturday and noticed our infant was burning up. Why does this always happen on a weekend?

I took her temperature and it was 102.7. I was surprised by how calm Fred and I were. Common sense told us that is was the same virus my son and I had , and all we had to do was treat the fever. I decided to put in a call to our Pediatrician anyway. The service said he was on vacation and put me through to the doctor covering for him. This cold as ice doctor, alarmed me and told me to get my baby seen ASAP. I know he told me the right thing because if it was an infection it could turn real ugly really fast. 

The thought of going to the ER for what I was pretty much convinced was a virus had me disgusted and worried. I didn't want my baby poked, prodded and tested for everything under the sun to avoid a law suit. I also didn't want her to catch some other bug while waiting there.

I then remembered a Twitter contact I had made last year, Dr. Edward Kulich, a Board Certified Pediatrician, who makes housecalls. I looked up his site, 
www.kidshousecalls.com , and gave him a call, and within 30 minutes he was at our door, examining our baby, and putting our fears to rest. He comes equip with all the tools and tests available in your doctor's office.

He called the next day to check on our daughter, and when I told him that she was still running the same fever, he came back, looked at her throat and confirmed, it was indeed the same virus. What a relief! This morning she is fever free and a happy little girl.

I just wanted to share this wonderful resource with all of you. Dr. Kulich charges a flat rate for housecalls, which includes tests. He even carries antibiotics with him, so if needed, you don't have to run to a pharmacy. He's awesome.

Courtney Ilarraza,

Hello Dr. Kulich

Im so sorry its taken me so long to contact you but I so wanted to thank you once again for the excellent care you took when coming to
see our son Keaton who was sick while we were visiting New York in early April. Keaton
had been very sick and we were on our way to Puerto Rico. You were so kind and thorough and put our minds at rest. Keaton did not
eat at all the day we travelled to Puerto Rico but made up for it once we were there eating plenty of chocolate brownies which our kind
host made for us while we were there. We ended up with an extra weeks holiday as the Ash Cloud prevented us from getting home but
we did not mind too much. Keaton recovered fully but of course does not take long and he now has a very chesty cough and sore throat.

You mentioned to us that Keaton has a heart murmur and Im ashamed to say we still have not taken him to the doctors here to check that
out, partly because he must have always had that and you say its quite common, saying that we will take him as every now and then I do
take the kids to our private paediatrician for a check up. Im only sorry you are in New York because we would definitely come and see you.

Im not sure I can convince my husband that we should have a long weekend break to New York so the kids can have a check up when they
need one!

Thank you so much again.

Deborah and Simon Harris


I feel like a star struck teenager...last night, we had our first encounter with, wait for it...a pediatrician who makes house calls!!!!

For some reason, this is the winter that we seem to catch every fly, flu and cold that comes our way. This time I gave Dane my cold and we thought it was just that, a cold, until his fever spiked to 102.5 for 2 days.

Yesterday, sick myself, I was dreading the long trek across town in the freezing cold to take Dane to the pediatrician's office, when I remembered, "didn't I read about a pediatrician who makes house calls?". Yes! oh yes.

I called Dr. Kulich from Kidshousecalls.com and scheduled a 4pm appointment. We wouldn't have to go anywhere. He would be here in the afternoon.

His service is both forward thinking and old-fashioned at the same time. The philosophy is that no child should have to wait for medical care, and that care is best handled in the comfort of their own home - just like they did years ago. The typical doctor bag is a bit larger these days, however. He can do all sorts of services, like flu shots, H1N1 vaccinations, strep tests, urinalysis, and just about any office or urgent care center can do. Dr. Kulich's bedside manner is wonderful, and my son instantly felt comfortable with him. Dane watched videos while the examination went on and the doctor's attention was fully on my son and me - very rarely experienced in a physician's office environment.

It turns out that Dane had a double ear infection, that needed antibiotics - which the doctor mixed and gave to us right before he left! It was included in the service fee - and I didn't even need to go to the pharmacy! It was so wonderful!!!!

There is an upfront flat fee for his service, but if you have health insurance, he will mail you the proper forms so you can submit and get your corresponding refund. We found that with a co-payment, cost of medicine, and time/travel, his fees were very reasonable! There is a membership option which makes a lot of sense if you have more than one child (he'll treat all children in the household for the same price). They take appointments 24/7, which in NYC is a godsend (we have no urgent care centers), as our only alternative is the emergency room or wait until business hours.

Most important, is that Dr. Kulich is a caring, super-qualified, experienced pediatrician who is taking the health care debacle in his own hands. I love his entrepreneurial spirit and we will be calling him again very soon.

Lisa Beels   (originally posted on lepetitepalatekitchen.com)

I called Dr. Kulich in desperation last Sunday. My 9 week old son, Bobby had come down with his first cold, and I was scared. We had remembered encountering Dr. Kulich on Facebook, and decide to give him a try. It was a particularly frigid day, and we were eager to avoid having to take Bobby out into the cold, or expose him to other sick kids in a waiting room. Dr. Kulich was at our home within an hour, with what seemed to be most of the equipment you find in a doctor's office, in tow. He was thorough, attentive and compassionate in his care, and Bobby is doing much better as a result. As a parent, I am very grateful for the service Dr. Kulich provides, and I highly recommend him, particularly if you find yourself with a sick kid at an off time.

Ephraim Gerstein  (originally posted on Facebook.com/kidshousecalls


Last night, my son woke up with a severe ear ache and knew he had an infection. Our ped is on the Upper East Side and I wasn't in the mood to make the schlepp from Brooklyn on New Year's weekend. I called Dr. Kulich at about 9am. He arrived at my house at 10am, bringing everything he could need for a full exam.

His bedside manner with both my son and I was great. Dr. Kulich made us both feel at ease immediately. He checked my son's temp, heart, lungs, ears and even had a scale to weigh him to prescribe the correct amount of antibiotic! As we suspected, my son had an ear infection and Dr. Kulich was ready to give us amoxicillin on the spot for him (included in the flat rate fee). We opted to use a different antibiotic, which the doctor wrote an Rx for us. The doctor spent time talking with us and explaining everything and then even made my son a balloon animal :)

A few hours later, I was still concerned and called the doctor. He was very kind and patient and did not hurry me off the phone. He calmed my nerves and assured me that I could call him back whenever I needed.

I must say that my husband and I were so impressed with Dr. Kulich and his house call service! We would absolutely use him again and enthusiastically refer him to other parents.    (originally posted on insiderpages.com)

Thanks so much for seeing our daughter ——  last night.  As mentioned, it was easily the best medical experience I can ever recall, and we will certainly be calling again when the need arises. Many thanks again,

I have three children, one of which is special needs, and it is very difficult to take all three to the doctors office. Dr Kulich has provided me with my first ever stress free experience by taking care of my girls at home. I will most certainly be calling him again. 

This was not just convenient, but it was truly high quality care. You saved us a trip to the ER. THANK YOU!

A HUGE thank you to Dr. Kulich who not only took the time to come and examine Emilio Friday night when we were unable to get a hold of our pediatrician, and really didn't want to spend hours at the emergency room; he also called again this morning to see how Emilio was doing. Emilio is doing much better today, and Richie and I are very appreciative for the time that was taken to see Emilio and answer all of our questions.

Dear Dr. Kulich,


We just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the wonderful pediatric home care you provided for S---- & B------ this week.  It was a nice change from having to bring the kids to a pediatric office.  We truly love having our children seen in the comfort of our home and we look forward to having you provide us with any of our future medical pediatric needs.  Thank you so much for all of your time and assistance.




The ------ Family


I recently called Dr. Kulich for the first time for an emergency house call because I had come down with severe fever, pain and flu-like symptoms but didn't want to go the ER unless absolutely necessary. 
I live in Queens and despite the long commute Dr. Kulich agreed to drive all the way out from Brooklyn to check into my condition. He arrived even before the scheduled time and was extremely friendly, professional and courteous. He took some tests and within minutes was able to diagnose me with a progressed kidney infection and to get the proper treatment he strongly advised me to go to the ER after all. Even after a few days Dr. Kulich kept in touch with me, showing great interest and sympathy for my well-being which made me feel in really good hands. 
I can highly recommend Dr. Kulich not only for families but for everyone in general who needs in-house treatment and to whom the sterile coldness an ER is only the absolute last resort! 5 STARS!